Extenda touch is an organization that connects caregivers to care-receivers. The organization delivers multiple forms of caregiving services.


Extenda Touch wanted to connect with people, the care-receivers and the caregivers since there was a massive communication gap. Extenda Touch became a bridge between them, and in this connection, the organization's management wanted to build service awareness via animated videos. Caregiving can take several forms, according to Extenda touch, including family, friends, and customers. They only have one goal: to care for people who are unable to care for themselves. Extenda Touch is confident in its outstanding services.

Extenda Touch contacted us to make animated videos that would help them promote their splendid service online. We produced explainer videos that included all of the elements they requested and some of the unique features that set us apart after evaluating and conducting extensive research into their requirements. The video was entirely based on the services they give and provided the atmosphere they desired. Extenda Touch, as expected, was blown away by the manner we put together their incredible film. Extenda touch, later on, consulted us to create all of the organization’s videos, which totaled 28 in all. Our videos assisted them in engaging people of all ages and gaining the trust of those seeking caregiving services.

Screen Shots

Take a look at multiple screen-shots of the different video animations created for Extenda Touch. Our expert animators have infused all the required ingredients for a service-based company to engage the target audience.


We successfully achieved the milestone as described by our esteemed client. The organization built up its brand service through our videos, marketed services with animated awareness videos, and generated potential leads.

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