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The only thing that counts for any brand or business is to remain ahead of the competition, and our whiteboard animated videos help with that. We create videos that capture the viewers' attention through simple, concise, and clean presentations. Take a peek at some of our whiteboard animation projects below.

Reach New Heights of Success With Our Whiteboard Animation Company

Pictures speak where words fail, and videos speak where pictures fail. To highlight your products and services, we create bespoke whiteboard animated videos. Being a top whiteboard animation agency in the USA, we have produced a wide range of whiteboard animations, including product demo videos, explainer videos, instructional videos, promotional videos, etc.

Why Whiteboard Animations?

These animated videos have a stunningly smart drawing style that makes them a shockingly brilliant strategy for communicating a critical message to your audience. They efficiently attract individuals.

Simplify Difficult Messages

You can explain even the most intricate elements straightforwardly that the audience can understand.

Boost Retention

By successfully delivering the message, these videos increase audience attention and retention.

Higher search engine rankings

By increasing visitors' time on your site, whiteboard videos help you improve your SEO rankings.

Increase Sales

These videos make a strong visual impression on viewers and significantly impact their purchasing decisions.

Unlock the Power of Whiteboard Animation for Your Brand

Are you seeking a creative and engaging way to communicate your brand's message? Our whiteboard animation solutions are just what you need. Our team of talented animators can help you create a customized whiteboard animation that captures your brand's personality and values. From ideation to delivery, we'll work closely with you to ensure that your whiteboard animation project is completed on time and with exceptional quality.

Whiteboard Animation Video Production Services

At Explendid Videos, we believe that a whiteboard animation is a powerful tool for communicating complex ideas in a simple and engaging way. Our team of experienced animators is passionate about creating whiteboard animation that captivates audiences and helps our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace. Here are five reasons why you should choose us for your whiteboard animation needs:

  • Customized solutions tailored to your brand's specific requirements and style
  • Exceptional whiteboard animation quality that simplifies complex ideas and keeps your audience engaged
  • Talented team of animators who are experts in their craft


Whiteboard animation video services use hand-drawn illustrations to simplify complex ideas and make them more accessible to your audience.

Increase Viewer

Our animators help you develop a compelling narrative that complements your brand's message and values, making your animation more memorable and effective.


Our team helps you create custom animations that explain even the most challenging concepts in a way that is easy to understand and remember.


Whiteboard animation communicates your message in a dynamic and visually engaging way. We know how to create custom animation to help you stand out.

Simplify Your Message with Engaging Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a powerful tool for simplifying complex ideas and making them more accessible to your audience. At Explendid Videos, we specialize in creating engaging whiteboard animation to help your brand stand out and communicate your message more effectively.

What Clients Say About Our Work

We are a top-rated video production company. Therefore, the clients expect the best from us. More than 20k customers love our work and are highly satisfied with our services. Have a look at what our clients say about us.

Liam Joseph

The best video animation company in town! I have worked with several video production companies before, but I had the best experience working with them. They made an amazing 3D animated video for my company. Highly pleased with their service.

Nick Rodriguez

Thank you, Explendid Videos, for creating such a beautiful Cartoon animated video for me. Everything is perfect, from the visual and audio elements. Great work. I will definitely come again with more video projects.