4 Best Whiteboard Animation Software for 2022

4 Best Whiteboard Animation Software for 2022

Over the years, whiteboards have taken over the blackboards. No, not the one taught in schools, but the artists and storytellers who publish on the web/social media platform. Without a doubt, whiteboard animations are the most effective in enlightening viewers.


what makes whiteboard animations so impressive in terms of the overall format? Why have they become the talk of the town? Well, there are some solid reasons why these informational graphic canvases are making headlines today and every day. You have a storyboard, animated characters, a plot, examples, environments, audio, and so forth. Excitingly, it’s an adventure and a thrilling roller coaster jaunt that broadens your horizons.

Furthermore, whiteboard illustrations focus primarily on visuals and descriptions the voiceover artist enunciates. It feels like you’re learning everything with live-action, drawings, details, and narrative. On top of that, everything runs simultaneously and helps us keep track of information in due course. This is why whiteboard animation video makers are becoming extensively popular – and prevalent among animators.

What best features should you consider when going for whiteboard software?

Developing a whiteboard with software might seem like a “piece of cake” task. You imagine miscellaneous doodle collections like a color palette. Though these are the upper superficial layers, as you will get them when downloading any whiteboard animation software. But the following features make them distinctive from others:

  • Pricing: Ensure the whiteboard application is inexpensive with ample options.
  • Voiceover support: You get access to different languages and narratives tonnes of people from different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Customized drawing kits: You can import your drawings besides built-in doodle presets and artist stencils. The best part is that you can merge software doodles and your sketches for a more personalized appeal.
  • Free trial version: Getting a 7-day free trial is good but getting a 30-day complimentary is a generous handout.

Below are the top 4 whiteboard animation applications you can use today:

1. Doodly

To educate your audience, Doodly is an excellent tool to use when developing content. Whether you have Doodly’s Standard or Enterprise version, you can choose from 100 or 150 songs in their music library. Sound effects are also available in their audio library. The Enterprise subscription includes 100 sound effects. Aim for a 45–90 second time frame for your doodle video. Allow someone else to edit and improve your script. Make sure “someone” takes the time to create a video that is just long enough to convey your message.

Indeed, Doodly is among our favorite software for creating whiteboard animations. You can quickly grasp its tools and concept owing to its straightforwardness. You also gain access to the Doodly Design private Facebook community when you sign up for Doodly. With over 80,000 members, this lively group is brimming with suggestions and help for using Doodly to make whiteboard animations.

2. Moovly

Moovly assists you in generating web videos by using customizable templates. This whiteboard animation software is easily accessible via the web, Android, and iOS platforms. Moovly helps freelancers, small- and large-scale organizations, and educators create powerful whiteboard animations. The best feature that distinguishes this from Doodly is its cloud-based storage. As a result, you can save your work and access it later from any location and across various devices/platforms.

Furthermore, Moovly also helps you create effective promotional business content, cater academic presentations, and articulate explainer videos. Hence, taking over the web-based Doodly and most other prominent whiteboard applications.

Moovly features are handy and come in a great variety to help you experiment with sketching and descriptive skills. Some prevalent ones are as follows:

         Transitional effects and animated graphics.

         Workflow management & collaboration.

         It has over a million dollars in assets.

         Group an overview of the role.

         Compatible with Firefox and Chrome.

         Stream films directly to sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and others.

         Produce HD-quality videos.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest is a freemium application that includes whiteboard animation. Despite its software designation, Renderforest is purely browser-based. Thus, there is no need to download or install anything. Select the most appropriate whiteboard animation template from the collection. To speed up the creative process, you can alter a pre-written tale or start from scratch when creating your whiteboard movie. Customize the scenes with our animation builder tools to match the style of your project.

On top of that, you can use RenderForest to modify the scenes to fit your project. Just input your message, alter the style and color scheme, and incorporate any necessary voiceovers or music. Our video maker’s customizable cloud-based tools enable you to create a professional-looking whiteboard animation that matches the style of your business. In RF, you can also enjoy a variety of fine-tuning video options. Animation, cartoons, and whiteboard creation are only a few of its many powers. The best part is its free trial version of Renderforest. So, stop waiting and try it today!

Renderforest also includes over 1,000 ready-to-use and customizable whiteboard animation scenes. In contrast to whiteboard animation tools, the scenes’ editing options are fairly constrained, so you can only alter specific portions of the canvas. You can also use Renderforest to make influential explainer movies and short whiteboard topic matter documentaries. Isn’t it incredible?

4. Animaker

Animaker is a fantastic tool for content marketing on a budget. It is one of the greatest whiteboard animation video creators for assisting you in creating meaningful explainer videos. Animaker also allows you to communicate with others and share your most complicated ideas/concepts in the simplest way possible. Whiteboard animation videos are extremely good at presenting complex ideas. Your audience’s attention span and understanding of your project will increase if you use whiteboard animation.

So, if you’re seeking DIY animation software that can produce decent quality results without inflicting too much agony for you as the artist, Animaker is a perfect choice. It provides tons of resources to help you succeed, and you can even get started without spending any money. Animaker also has very user-friendly tools and capabilities and has a really clean appearance. More Animaker benefits are as follows:


         Offers various characters, settings, and templates are provided in abundance.

         You have the option of uploading your photos.

         The timeline of each object allows you to mark keyframes.

         It supports several users simultaneously.

         It provides tutorials that simplify and expedite the creation process. 

Bottom Line

The whiteboard software you use to create your digital artworks should be easy to use and accessible. Also, do not delve into those overblown with intricate features, profuse buttons, and over-the-top doodles. You can also dig the internet for more options if the above ones don’t fit your taste and requirements. 

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