5 Awesome Whiteboard Video Makers for Custom Whiteboard

5 Awesome Whiteboard Video Makers for Custom Whiteboard

Over the years, minimalism in everything has become the most sought-after aspect. It’s like a gemstone that glistens from the edges and gets subtle darkish in its center. Your eyes don’t flicker a second even if you look closely – and for hours. Likewise, whiteboard animations take your explainer and educational videos to the next level.

Whiteboards aren’t fancy nor have a magnificent opening that looks like an epic theatrical movie teaser. We recommend you hire a creative whiteboard animation video maker to speckle in inspiration via storytelling. It’s an eye-soothing journey of simple drawings, text, and emotions blended on a white screen. Besides, sometimes it’s better to watch stuff on your device’s screens that are more enlightening instead of an exaggerated hodgepodge.

The creation of a whiteboard using the software could appear straightforward. You picture various groupings of doodling as a color scheme. Even yet, they are only the topmost, most visible layers, which you may get from any website that offers whiteboard animation software. However, the following characteristics set them apart from others:

        Affordability: Ensure the whiteboard application is reasonably priced and has many alternatives.

        Commentary support: You have access to a wide variety of languages and tales from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

        Free trials: A 1-week trial is acceptable, but a 30-day trial is something worth looking forward to.

        Customized drawing kits: You can import your designs in addition to the built-in doodle templates and artist graphic designs. The most admirable aspect is that you may combine software doodling with your artwork for a unique look.

1. Doodly Whiteboard Platform

Doodly is a great tool to utilize while creating content to educate your audience. Besides, it has a dedicated online platform and is popular among YouTubers, independent animators, and movie creators. Depending on Doodly’s version, you can pick from 100 or 150 tracks in their music library. Sound effects are also available in their audio library. There are 100 sound effects included in the Enterprise subscription. Try to keep your doodle movie between 45 and 90 seconds long. Give your script to someone else to edit and refine. Make sure you hire a sensible specialist whiteboard artist. – A person who spends the time to make a video that is just long enough to get the point through.

Doodly is one of our top picks for generating whiteboard animations, in fact. Because it is straightforward, you can understand its tools and concept quickly. When you sign up for Doodly, you can access the exclusive Facebook group for Doodly Design. With over 80,000 members, this dynamic group is brimming with impressive ideas and assistance for employing Doodly to create whiteboard animations.

2. Render forest

Whiteboard animation is a feature of the subscription model Render forest application. Render forest is entirely browser-based, even though it is called software. Therefore, there is nothing to download or install. From the available templates, pick the one that best fits your whiteboard animation. Create your whiteboard movie or make changes to a previously written story to jumpstart the creative process. Use our animation builder tools to modify the scenes to fit your project’s look, vibes, and feel.

Our video maker’s configurable cloud-based tools allow you to produce a professional-looking whiteboard animation that suits your company’s style. Animation, cartoons, and whiteboard creation are just a few of its many capabilities. Render forest also contains over 1,000 geared-up and editable whiteboard animation scenes. Render forest may be used to create impactful explainer videos and quick whiteboard subject matter documentaries. Isn’t it incredible?

3. Vyond (Go Animate)

Formerly known as Go Animate, Vyond is a premium whiteboard software that professional animators recommend. Surprisingly, it also runs on your browser and is likely a competitor of the all-time favorite Doodly. Rather, it’s more advanced artistry equipment for animators loaded with a variety of creative arsenal.

Furthermore, it also includes a design wizard space where you can create your Doodle characters and objects from scratch. You can also add commentary easily by using three approaches; direct recordings, audio file upload, and text-to-speech feature. Their regular monthly package is $25, while the cheapest subscription plan will entail a Vyond logo for your videos. You can try the 2-week trial anytime you wish to begin your whiteboard animation journey on Vyond – to look beyond your imaginations. Let’s go!

4. Moovly

Moovly uses editable templates to let you create online videos. The web, Android, and iOS platforms make it simple to use this whiteboard animation software. Moovly assists freelancers, small startups, large-scale businesses, and educators in creating compelling whiteboard animations. This app’s ideal cloud-based storage sets it apart from the online whiteboard video sensation - Doodly. Additionally, this allows you to store your work and later access it from any location and on desktop and mobile devices.

You can experiment with your drawing and descriptive abilities with the help of Moovly’s practical and wide range of features. Here are a few typical examples:

Graphics with animation and transition effects.

Collaboration and resource planning.

The company’s assets total more than $1 million.

Provide an outline of the function to the group.

Supported by Chrome and Firefox.

Stream movies straight to online video-sharing services like Vimeo and YouTube.

Create videos in HD quality.

5. Animaker

Animaker is an excellent tool for low-budget content marketing. It is one of the best tools for helping you create engaging explainer movies using whiteboard animation. Additionally, Animaker enables you to interact with other people and convey even your most complex ideas and conceptions.

Hence, Animaker is a great option if you’re looking for DIY animation software that can deliver decent quality. The results come out great and on time. Thus, leaving you stress-free with your moods elated higher than ever before. Animaker also features spick-and-span aesthetics, very user-friendly tools, and capabilities. Additional advantages of using an Animaker include:

Provides a wide range of characters, settings, and template options

The choice is yours to submit your pictures

You can annotate animations on each object’s timeline

It accommodates several concurrent users

It offers tutorials that make the creation process simpler and faster


Whiteboard softwares are available in abundant variety. You can easily find more options available on the internet. But take caution, and use the one that suits your needs and works best for your project. You can trust our listing with closed eyes since these are the top-5 whiteboard customized animation creators out there. 

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