10 Reasons how Cartoon Animations are better than realistic Graphics Artwork

10 Reasons how Cartoon Animations are better than realistic Graphics Artwork

Before cartoons, you know what’s funnier? Their flexibility and the nature to move across the board. Also, their whimsical sounding effects: buzz, whizz, ding, kaboom, swoosh, bam, tada, etc. Even your eyes under a blindfold can know you’re watching cartoons by such ludicrous acoustics.

These are integral parts of motion graphics but hang on the rib-tickling side. Cartoons bumfuzzle your brains. It feels like you’re on a sloppy roller coaster lambasting the rail tracks. You don’t fall off this sidesplitting ‘train stunt’ jaunt. Instead, you get carried away with knowledgeable amusement. In other words, cartoons are a breath of fresh air that helps us inhale and exhale information delightfully.

Unlike real-time videos captured from DSLRs and phones, cartoons are imaginative with lessons of life – in a lighthearted slapdash way. Besides, realistic graphic works sometimes feel like overstatements. But caricatures, on the other hand, look hysterically genuine and have that special warmth feel - and that’s a fact! That’s why many motion graphics software houses in the US provide cartoon animation services. People love watching bizarre things that help them escape reality.

After all, the life we live is a rowdy muddle of hectic routines: office, housekeeping, daily errands, and those uninvited guest ambushes. Seriously, the struggle is real! Cartoons are the perfect sledgehammers to hit back on our hard-hitting lives; bobsleds for a laughable adventurous escapade.

Of course, motion graphics and animations are not purely realistic but have their traces. But cartoons dumbfound us off our lives exuberantly – with an imaginative spirit. Hence, help us grasp knowledge with less effort, unlike illustrations abstaining lightheartedness. Below are some more good reasons to use cartoon animations for your brand:

1. They’re fun to watch

Cartoons are thoughtless works of art with bounces and splashes in every direction. You can assume it’s as a digital artist’s choreography in the most inventive – off-the-cuff way possible. Unquestionably, this is what makes cartoons even funnier. These can be brief animations and prolonged versions in video formats. Besides the subtitles that run below the cartoons, the expressive sounds of characters, instruments, and other objects add to their carefree melodramatic action. Indeed, cartoons are addictive, eyeing charms that are sweet and unforgettable.

2. Cartoons kill the complexity

Undeniably, this is one of the most influential qualities of cartoons. They’re understandable and don’t require any high-end subject acquaintance like mathematics, physics, astronomy, etc. These lighthearted comics are plain simple and do not contain any bewildering element that confuses the watchers. These are best for visitors looking for larger eating portions in a single gulp. Yes, you heard it right. Caricature animations might be brief but are memorable due to their naïve candidness.

3. Suitable for all ages

Since they are not confusing and don’t require any academic degree, they are meant for adults and youngsters. Cartoons are something that is admired by the masses. For instance, the baby boomers talk about Popeye the Sailor Man and Mickey Mouse, while Tom & Jerry and Dexter’s Laboratory are the Millennials’ bestsellers.

On the contrary, Ben 10, Phineas and Ferb, and Spongebob Squarepants make Gen-Z drool in excitement. Not forget to mention that we haven’t discussed the up-and-coming cartoons for Generation A (Alpha). But let’s tell you the real talk here: every cartoon of day and age is perceivable by a toddler, an adolescent, teenager, middle-aged, and oldies. How’s that!

4. They’re entertainingly educational

Apart from being funny and on the sidesplitting side, their solemn spirit of knowledge is also distinctive from others. They’re not raw footage of real-life demonstrations or gibberish marketing stunts shown via animations. Instead, cartoons are pure love and probably the only nice thing having slight academic traces.

Cartoons are the perfect entertainment elements without a hint of tangibility or subjectiveness. Every individual in the universe, even aliens, would fall for these hilarious comic strips. Besides, gripping knowledge with a reckless ride of emotions is the best combo ever. Indeed, cartoons are like those wholesome sandwiches of funniness salad and life patty under a burger bun. Such an appetizing meal does not exist but surely quenches our knee-slapping imaginative thirst.

5. They help you express creatively

Cartoons also help you add emotion and drama in the quirkiest way possible. Besides, people love to watch stuff that is original and off the hook. Cartoons can help you get there. They’re pretty different from animations that still comprise demonstrative examples and slopes derived from our practical lives.

Cartoons are the best burners for your ceaseless spontaneous thoughts. These allow people to unfetter their idle ideas and concepts in the most intelligent way possible. Thus, you can be as expressive as you may want to be. You’re free from harm, and you can even choose your most bizarre awkward thoughts to extemporize your funnies.

6. Cartoons look more heartfelt

Genuinely speaking, cartoons look 10x times better than any other type of animation and motion graphics treat. Caricatures, truly, feel as if they’re emitted from the hearts. Besides, you cannot deny that cartoons expound real-life examples much better. These are far better than those lengthy videos and discreet animations where you require some bit of knowledge beforehand.

7. They rouse viewers’ imaginations

Cartoons might be random moving pictures, but their gipping effect is equally powerful. All of us can agree on this: remembering cartoons from start to finish in one take is an easy-cheesy thing to do. Besides, they widen our imaginations with their inspiring characters, colors, and other original effects. Cartoons are like the spur of the moment that is arresting enough to reenergize our brain’s creative thought process. Consequently, we become more creative by watching cartoons than any other type of video animation.

8. Cartoons are springing CTAs naturally

We all use CTAs (call-to-action) ads and banners to encourage viewers on websites to click on them. But let me tell you, the other side of the cartoon’s coin is all about that! Yes, you heard it right. But unlike the button clicks, these are magnets of the eyes that carry you away with their message.

9. Cartoons mollify exaggerations interestingly

The best part of using cartoons instead of any other type of animations is their capability to oversee hyperboles. Know how many overstatements and over-the-top embellishment you add to them; they’re lively and good to go! Hence, we recommend you use cartoons to promote your brand instead of motion graphics with guidelines conscripted in a fortress. Free your mind and release all your impromptu mind nuisances in the most pleasant way possible.

10. They’re addictive to watch

Last but not least, cartoons are lighter to the heads. Both adults and kids easily grasp them in a single go. They’re unlike complex animations and video demonstrations that get the better of you – and your brains.


Cartoons are a form of animation, but they come in a capsule. Yes, they are like those vitamins that give our brains the best resourceful nourishment. We become more original and inventive with our thoughts. Also, we’re able to think outside the box; become more distinctive than others. Cartoons disseminate the message remarkably and benefit the brains of the maker and the watcher alike. Indeed, these overriding animations can catapult the roller coaster toward prosperity and liveliness!

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